Why Volunteer with ecoreach

Support local people and environment

The Ecoreach Volunteer Programme provides you with a great opportunity to connect with local Nepali people. Our activities are based within the disadvantaged communities of Nepal where your contribution really matters and provides you with first-hand insight. Volunteers also have the opportunity to stay in a home-stay if they would like, where they can further connect with local people.

Learn new skills

As well as the skills you already bring to the program, you will also undoubtedly learn new ones! Working with a local community will give you an appreciation of how to look at things from a different perspective; work around issues that would have been no problem at home; and develop your communication skills – at the very least!

Reasonable fees

Ecoreach value the fees volunteers pay to the organization and we try to keep them to a minimum. Our volunteering fees starts from $100 per week. This covers volunteer expenses such as airport pickup, food, local travel and home-stay accommodation. You can feel assured that part of your registration fee will go directly into your community project.

Volunteer while travelling

We understand that our volunteers would also like to see our beautiful country and with this in mind, offer flexible schedules and considered project matching strategies so that we can all achieve our goals. Whether you have one week or ten, together we will work on a plan to ensure you can fit volunteering into your journey.


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