Marina Gad, New York, United States (Feb 2018)

Even before arriving in Nepal, I was impressed by fast responses from Ecoreach to questions I had about the trip. That gave me a sense of security and assurance. After meet and greet at the airport, I was taken to the homestay. Ecoreach accommodates all the volunteer needs. I was assigned to help with the administration, which I love to do in my everyday life. The organization is transparent and craves to make improvements based on the feedback from the volunteers. Visiting Monohara Slum really puts your own life in perspective. Ecoreach is not all work and no play. On the weekend, they helped us book a trip to Pokhara. After the business hours, when possible Niraj took us on the motorbike trips around the city. Volunteering with Ecoreach has taught me that you can make a difference on the local level and immediately see the gratitude of the people. I definitely intend to continue volunteering with Ecoreach and return to Nepal next year.

Alison Brown, Manchester, United Kingdom (December 2017)

I recently spent two weeks working with Ecoreach helping a dalit community close to Kathmandu rebuild one of the family homes after the entire family lost there house in the 2015 earthquake. Not only was the experience extremely rewarding, but it was great fun and I learnt so much about Nepal and it’s culture and communities. Best of all were the people I met who all warmly took me into their lives and made me feel welcome. I was really sad to leave but am sure I will be back one day and have some new Facebook friends! The village was in a beautiful setting, the food amazing and I left feeling I had made a positive difference. I would really recommend working with this organisation. They are extremely knowledgeable, work on many important and varied projects around Kathmandu (some others of which I also was able to see), have excellent spoken English (which really helped when working in the village) and were extremely supportive at all times. The whole experience ended with a ceremony in the village and I was presented with, and dressed in, traditional Nepalese wear and treated to a wonderful last meal. Many lasting and happy memories made.


Ben Reese, Manchester, United Kingdom (December 2017)

If you are ever in Nepal and want to make a difference to a local community then you could not do better than volunteer through Ecoreach Foundation. Niran and his team have the passion and the knowledge to make your volunteering experience completely rewarding and fulfilling. Our two weeks working within disadvantaged communities provided us with a real life immersive experience that we shall cherish and never forget. Such beautiful and lovely people who welcomed us and with whom we shall stay in contact with for years to come. As a grass roots foundation your volunteering experience can really make the difference and shape how the foundation develops with the added advantage that their fees are a lot lower and more reasonable than the big corporate volunteering sites. I cannot wait to come back and volunteer again and see more of this beautiful country.

Flora Snyder, Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Ecoreach recently. It was really great to see Rajani, Madan and the entire team. The work they do is incredible. I spent two weeks with them and each day was a new best day of my life. Volunteering in Ecoreach has opened me up to cultures outside of my own and shown me what it means to be a productive member of a community. Through this organization, I have had the opportunity to personally witness a change in the lives of the communities. With sustainability and conservation being the number one goal for all projects, Ecoreach does amazing work to empower marginalized groups.I really enjoyed the Nepali food and culture. If you are looking to travel and volunteer in Nepal, Ecoreach is the place to go.


Christina Rose Sprinks, Munich, Germany (November 2017)

Incredible experience!
I volunteered for Ecoreach for one week in October, and although I happened to be there for the week of Tihar, and didn’t actually end up doing much volunteering because of the holiday, it was still one of the best weeks I’ve ever had whilst travelling! It was an incredible experience staying in Jhor Mahankal with the host family, who we incredibly welcoming. They were so accommodating that I spent most of Tihar feeling like a part of their family and did spend it with their family. I have genuinely learnt so much about the culture, through chatting to the family, meeting the neighbours, exploring the village and even learnt some Nepali.
Niran was also incredibly attentive and always checked in a few times a day to make sure I was okay, enjoying myself and asking if there was anything I needed. He even drove all the way across the city to pick up a coat I had forgotten the week before and booked my bus to Chitwan for me.
On the last day of my stay we did a transect walk and just from the one day I already felt I had learnt a lot about the location and distribution of resources, features, landscape, and major land uses in Khatmandu Valley. He was very efficient and really knows his stuff. So if you are looking for the chance to volunteer on a great project, in a beautiful location, whilst experiencing a genuine cultural exchange, I would highly recommend doing it with Ecoreach foundation!

Olivia Lindberg, Australia

I am from the Australia and volunteered on Ecoreach Foundation for 2 weeks in total. I highly recommend volunteering with Ecoreach, as I had a very positive experience and plan to continue volunteering with Ecoreach remotely going forward. Prior to arriving in Nepal, Rajani, the volunteer coordinator at Ecoreach, was very responsive and answered my many questions fully so that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into even before getting to the organization. The other staff members at Ecoreach are also very friendly and helpful, and I always felt comfortable reaching out if I ever needed help with anything, whether work-related or not. The organization is small but with clear projects and realistic plans to reach its goals. There is a very clear vision here and it is evident how each of the staff members and volunteers is individually contributing to the achievement of this vision. While at Ecoreach, I worked on the Organic Farming Project in the Nuwakot district. I was responsible for collecting data from the farm, developing the research protocol, and carrying out the data analysis. I greatly valued how much the organization trusted me to figure out these problems using my technical background. The accommodations have everything you need and are kept up quite well. The home-stay was an amazing experience. The host family was really nice and warm. Volunteering and immersing myself in Nepali culture was an amazing experience, as the people are very warm, friendly, and welcoming. I felt safe the entire time. During my free time, I was able to get to know the natural resources and waterfalls, hike the area, go to local festivals. I stayed at Ecoreach only for 2 weeks and still have a long list of things I’d like to do in the area for when I someday return. Overall, this was a fantastic experience for an organization. I definitely recommend volunteering here and look forward to continuing to volunteer with Ecoreach remotely from home in the Australia.
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