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Founder’s Story
Founder and CEO
Hello! I am Niraj Phuyal from Bhaktapur, Nepal. It’s a very great privilege for me to share the vision and scope of The Eco-Reach Foundation. Eco-Reach is founded by an interdisciplinary group of students; this is an organization solely run by students and supported by the experts, conservationists and think-tanks of Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable agriculture.
People have been depleting natural resources for years without any regard for their conservation. This is happening in Nepal – Kathmandu used to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world but now it is one of most polluted. In my opinion, we can all make a change but we need to act wisely. Eco-Reach is looking for the participation of people from every sector. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, engineer, politician, or entrepreneur; we all need a sustainable environment and healthy people. Eco-Reach has raised an important cause and welcomes support from every corner of our society.
For me as a sociologist, the degrading environment is the most obvious issue in society, yet it goes unnoticed. Therefore, we want pragmatic change in the name of conservation. Most of the conversations strategies people talk about are those of developed countries. At Eco-Reach, we want to emphasize our traditional skills and use our own resources to make progress.  Therefore, we came up with the idea of preserving and promoting the environment by empowering the youths. I have been hearing lots of people talking about taking a similar approach, but no one seems to look at action implementation. Hence, there was need for us to start the change, a change that would be pragmatic and radical.
The Eco-reach Foundation is an organization that raises the cause for a better environment.
This organization mostly focuses on sustainable environment protection, eco-tourism, climate change, adaptation of agriculture, alternative energy solutions, women’s empowerment, child empowerment, community out-reach activities, education and health.
We want to be an unstoppable force against Environmental degradation and Modern slavery in Nepal.We want to do something to protect our nature but with your help and support. Let us all act together for our better future!