How it Works

Thank you for offering to volunteer with Ecoreach Foundation. We are excited to welcome you to our team. We are a grass-root organization and we really value your input to help us meet our goals in serving communities in such desperate need of assistance. We will try our best to make your stay memorable.

What do we need?

The Ecoreach Foundation is looking for volunteers across multiple community development projects in Nepal to help with agricultural, environmental, social, healthcare, educational, eco-building and other community specific activities. 
Individuals with innovative ideas and a keen willingness to help communities in desperate need of help are invited to apply. 
We are currently accepting volunteers in the following sectors:
 – Building mud huts with locally available materials such as clay soil, straw and bamboo for the earthquake affected outcaste communities.
 – Teaching English to children within an outcaste community in a village near Kathmandu.
 – Working in the experimental plots of medicinal plants for the Ecoreach Farm.
 – Teaching personal hygiene and nutrition to children and women of disadvantaged communities.
 – Women’s empowerment training.
 – Gathering indigenous knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants for documentation.
 – Developing concepts for promotion of eco-tourism in Nepal.

What do you get?

In addition, to having the opportunity to serve communities in desperate need, you will be able to:
  • Immerse yourself in a diverse Nepalese culture.
  • Make an immeasurable difference and impact.
  • Visit great historical sites (including several UNESCO world heritage sites).
  • Enjoy the tranquility of nature in the Himalayan hills.
  • Enrich your CV.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Create an international network.
  • Gain new practical experience and in-depth field training.
  • Have access to quality mentorship and evaluation on a self-directed project.
  • Develop or utilize your leadership skills within varied working groups.
  • Further develop your interpersonal skills including teamwork and collaboration.

Some formalities

You must have a tourist visa for your stay in Nepal. There is no separate visa required to be a volunteer. It is recommended that you have travel and health insurance as Ecoreach cannot cover any costs which would normally go through such insurance claims
It is the duty of Ecoreach to take you to the nearest health center if you have any health problems. You can contact your volunteer supervisor in case of problems at any time. We can also help explain details of your condition to the doctor on the telephone.

What do we provide?

Our package includes food, accommodation, airport pick up, project identification and pairing, online orientation, a volunteer welcome pack, accompaniment on field visits before the actual work starts and the continued support of our staff whilst you are at home and when at your destination. 
Your accommodation will be in the home-stay however alternative accommodation options can be organised at an additional cost. 
Three typical Nepali meals per day will be provided. If you have specific dietary requirements, alternatives can be discussed with your supervisor.  

Some Requirements

Volunteers for the program must:
• be 18 years or older
• have no major health problems
• be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
• have a working knowledge of the English language
Volunteers are accepted all year round. 

Welcome & Orientation

On the first day of your volunteering time you will receive some basic training and orientation from your supervisor. He/she will give you all the required information and familiarize you with the project.
If you are scheduled to start volunteering immediately after arrival in Kathmandu, we will come to collect you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. An Ecoreach member or staff will meet you at the arrival hall with a placard and take you to your hotel. You will need to arrange and pay for your own accommodation for your first night. The following morning you will be transferred from your hotel to the Ecoreach office for orientation and then taken to your home-stay.
We will come to pick you up from your hotel on the date agreed to begin your volunteering project. We will transfer you to the Ecoreach office for orientation and then on to your home-stay.

Information about your host family (Jitpurphedi)

Your home-stay is located in Jitpurphedi VDC, Kathmandu. The accommodation has a garden where fruits and vegetables are freshly sourced for your meals. You will need to share the bathroom but it is in good hygienic condition. You will also need to have your own toiletries. Selected rooms are equipped with a terrace and all rooms come with a seating area. You will be provided with three Nepali meals a day. If you have specific dietary requirements, we can discuss alternatives with your host family who speak basic English language. There is freely accessible WiFi
Hiking, bird watching, forest safari and sun bathing are some of the activities guests can enjoy near the accommodation.

Key points

  • Transfer from Ecoreach office to host house and vice versa will be provided by Ecoreach.
  • Public transportation will be used in most occasions depending upon the convenience.
  • Host family accommodation is approx 1hr by bus from Kathmandu and costs around 20 cents (NPR 20) per ride.
  • Food and accommodation will be provided by the host family. You will be provided with Nepali cuisine.
  • The bathroom in the host house is supplied with solar powered hot water and toilets are Indian style.
  • You are required to use your own toiletries in the host house and also to bring your own towel.
  • In case of any problem during your stay you can always contact your host or volunteer supervisor.
  • You are expected to work between 6-8 hours (Mon-Fri). This time should be sufficient to complete your task in time.
  • You are expected to submit some detailed feedback on completion of your task.
  • We would appreciate you sharing your experience with us through social media.

Some Dos and Don’ts

  • Respect local culture and people.
  • Nepali people are very open about their culture and religion so feel free to take part in their activities if you enjoy it.
  • Immediately inform your volunteering supervisor if you have any health problem.
  • Having health insurance is your responsibility but we will always take you to the right place for your treatment if you have any health issues.
  • Bring some warm clothes, walking boots (sometime the road might be muddy).
  • Women are recommended not to wear very short dresses.
  • Don’t go too far alone.
  • Always carry your identification card provided by Ecoreach.
  • Your safety during your volunteering period is our responsibility. Always stay in touch and stick to our activities.
  • Don’t panic if you don’t understand something or have communication problems. Contact your volunteer supervisor if you need help. They are obliged to answer you any time you make contact.
  • Be careful drinking water. Your host will provide you safe drinking water. Carry water from the house when you are out.
  • The village is safe and people are friendly but always be careful about your safety.
  • Don’t carry expensive valuables while going out. If you have expensive things, ask your host family to store it safely. A padlock will provide extra security to your room but you must provide this yourself.
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