1.Volunteer Programme

The Eco-Reach Foundation offers unique volunteer programs in Nepal to enjoy a once in a lifetime ecological and cultural experience. The volunteer program in Nepal has the goal that the participants help us with our socio-environmental work in different part of Nepal, and that at the same time they can visit the tourist attractions and experience traditional culture of Nepal, share with the families that will house them, plant trees, and at the same time be able to explore other places. Our aim is to plant five trees by every volunteers. The tree you have planted in the field of your host family would be your memory in your home country. Of course, this tree would help you to reduce your carbon footprints.

2. Become a friend of Eco-Reach

Do you love your planet? Do you love the natural Environment and want it to be saved for the future? Do you want to eat natural and healthy food and live your life healthy? Do you hate wide use of chemicals and junk foods? If you say yes to all these questions you are friends of Eco-Reach.

You can support us different way. We want friends from all over the world who loves their planet and care for it. Your moral support is very important for us.

Just give some information and your views on how we can save our planet and make it a better place to live. You will be the friends of Eco-Reach forever.

3. Share your ideas
Do you have some innovative ideas on natural conservation, organic farming, traditional agriculture, or environment friendly solution? Please, share with us. We will share this to would with humble acknowledgement to you.

Please, fill up the Volunteering form

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