Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked question below but you are always welcome to write us if you need any information about Ecoreach Volunteer Program. 

A. You must be willing to donate your time and skills. As an Ecoreach volunteer, you will be representing the organization and your activities reflect the core values of Ecoreach. Therefore you must be flexible, patient, willing to learn about other cultures?? and respectful of others.

A. Our programs provide pick-up from airport to our office in Kathmandu, an introduction about Nepalese culture and language, information about your assignment, transportation to your project site and accommodation.

Your volunteering fees include;

  • Airport pick up from Kathmandu Airport (if you are starting immediately)
  • Transport to the placement site from Kathmandu
  • Home-stay accommodation and three main meals during placement with local family
  • Nepali language survival guide and sightseeing and cultural information during your training in Kathmandu.

Any travel around Nepal outside of your volunteering activity is not included in your fee, however Ecoreach staff will be happy to give you travel guidance as well as required information throughout your stay in Nepal without any cost. We will be in touch with you throughout your stay in Nepal because we care for our volunteers and their safety. We can also make an arrangement for you to drop at the airport in an extra cost. 

A. Most of our project sites are around Kathmandu Valley.

A. During the first two days we will arrange accommodation in Kathmandu which will have a hot shower, western style toilet and all the facilities. Once you reach your placement location, your accommodation will be in a local village. In a typical Nepalese household, there is usually an Indian style toilet and limited properties with hot water (solar dependent). If you would prefer such alternative facilities, we can arrange separate accommodation in a hotel but you will need to pay some additional cost. This additional cost would be the additional amount we need to bear in comparison to the home-stay.  Please let us know early in the process as this will help determine placement location.

A. It is not required. Most hosts speak English or have someone available who speaks English; if not, an interpreter is provided.

A. We welcome volunteers with their partners or in a group. We will create a special program for such volunteers if they want to work together.

A. Volunteer assignments typically ranges from a week to three months, including travel time. A small number of assignments are longer than this. Assignment time can be flexible per the need of the volunteer and they can choose accordingly.

A. Volunteers are required to work 6-8 hours a day (Mon-Fri). Some time schedule may vary depending upon the requirement of the project. 

A. No. The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to support Eco-reach initiatives to empower the poor and disadvantaged, increase economic opportunities and food security, and sustain natural resources. To achieve this mission, volunteers provide expertise in a wide variety of areas, including: 

  • Technical areas: agribusiness, enterprise development, marketing, international trade, food processing, credit and financing, farming, agricultural sciences, nutrition, livestock development, natural resource management, governance, community mobilization/community development, renewable energy, gender, and information communications technologies, green building technologies etc.
  • General capacity building: business planning, organizational development, management, finance and administration, human resource development, and fundraising.
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