The financial transaction of ERF adheres to Eco Reach Financial Operation Manual 2015’ that aims to ensure systematic financial management system. The account committee, and procurement committee and internal audit enhance the good governance and transparency.

ERF has received ‘Tax Exemption Certificate’ from Inland Revenue Office (IRO) Kathmandu. All fund received is approved from Social Welfare Council (SWC) and gets affiliated in the District Development Council.

Regular financial auditing is carried by accredited firm ERF has incorporated (Chartered Accountant) and is endorsed by the General Assembly.

Regular supervision, monitoring and evaluation is conducted by the Executive Board, Account Committee, and the concerned government authorities.

Fund-raise for us

When you take action to fund-raise for us today, you will be taking direct action to put an impact on the life of rural disadvantaged people (that may include children, widows, single mothers, jilted wandering women, sicklers or poor people as such) who are struggling with the challenges of life.

Take action and fund-raise.

Bring together your family and friends to support ERF to fight hunger, poverty and violence in the rural areas. You can spare your time and use the power of your voice, talents, social status and social networks to make a positive difference for ERF.

Here is how:

Take courage; organize an interesting event in your neighborhood to raise awareness about ERF and the need for funds; share ideas and let your creativity shine! Event ideas can include: contests like interesting sports, concerts, car washing, documentary viewing, extraordinary dinners, weekly yoga classes for health etc.


Create your own online campaign for ERF on different occasions that may include your birthday or of your beloved’s birthday, anniversaries of achievements like graduation; or personally decide how you want to raise funds and set your goal. Then share with your family, friends and workmates, club, social group or your Church; let them know why ERF is important to you and for the promotion of humanity. You can make a big difference in the lives of the poorest, the oppressed and the disadvantaged people in the world.

We are available to assist you.

If you have any queries, please contact us at