Infrastructure Construction

Purchase a land and construct the green school for children facing difficulties in slums and street orphaned children.

Alliance and Affiliations

  1. Develop alliances and networking with LMOs- Like Minded Organizations and relevant line agencies.
  2. Ensure affiliation where appropriate and necessary
  3. Suitable personnel will represent ERF in alliances
  4. ERF will work towards leading alliances and networking in human development sectors.


  1. Strengthen advocacy on human, environment and community development and raise the voice of voiceless.
  2. ERF will work towards making its significant presence at the policy making levels
  3. To have strong presence of ERF, it may apply a joint venture or individual approach as seen fit and appropriate

Research and Resource

  1. Establishment of resource and research center within ERF
  2. Collection of E-books
  3. Update on government policies, constitution, acts, directives etc.
  4. Indulging overseas volunteers in research-oriented activities
  5. Conduct relevant research, innovative studies, and surveys, etc. periodically as per the need

Short Term Projects (STP)

  1. Outlining of potential short-term projects
  2. Seek ST projects from GOs, NGOs, INGOs to increase sustainability
  3. Any project less than 3 years is defined as short term project
  4. Separate team formed for STP through ERF to implement the STP
  5. ERF will deduct 12% to 15% admin cost from the source upon an agreement
  6. ERF shall manage the overall STP and report to the donor
  7. Liability and project assets are subject to MoU
  8. ERF board provides legitimacy of the STP

Sustainability Plan

  1. Expansion of Income Generating Units throughout ERF project/program location
  2. Long term capital investment
  3. Build required infrastructure for all project/program
  4. Establishment of Income Generating initiatives (Agriculture, Factories etc.)
  5. Increase partnership for sustainability project development
  6. Explore local resources and empower them to encourage ownership of ERF projects