Dalit Village (Outcaste Community) in Jitpurphedi

Deep rooted caste discrimination still exists in Nepal despite the Constitution of Nepal (2015) defining such discrimination as unconstitutional. 

We have a dalit village in Jitpurphedi (14km from Kathmandu center) where the community is living in extreme exclusion and hardship. There are seven families living in the village whose main profession is tailoring. Their family home was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 but many are still living in temporary tin houses which make living conditions too cold in winter and too hot in summer. 

The Ecoreach Volunteer Program has already started to rebuild some houses with better insulating materials but we need more volunteers! We would also like to run an English language program and other educational and skill based training programs in the community.


Koshipari, Kavrepalanchowk District

The great earthquake in 2015 has severely affected the Kavrepalanchowk district. 

Ecoreach needs volunteers to help in reconstitution of buildings and schools in Koshipari village. This village is mostly occupied by the ethnic community of Tamang people. 

We also need volunteers to conduct English language courses and other skilled based training.


Kagatigaun, Nuwakot District

Okharpawa VDC is located around 35 km from Kathmandu center. This district is mainly inhabited by the ethnic balamai community where child marriage is still a major problem. 

This village is also most vulnerable to children and women trafficking. Ecoreach needs volunteers to help organize awareness campaigns to prevent trafficking in this area. 

We also need volunteers to organize some classes and support local teachers in school to help educate against early child marriage. 


Nagarkot, Bhaktapur District

Located in a most beautiful and serene location, there is a small village in Nagarkot which has been completely ruined by the earthquake. Most of the resident of this village are ethnic Newar and Tamang community. 

We need volunteers to build mud houses and a school in the community. We also need volunteers to run some classes in the school and teach English language as well as helping with homework to support the parents.


Chhaling, Bhaktapur

Chaling village is located in Bhaktapur district. This community is mostly occupied by the ethnic Newar community. Although the village is located very near to the capital, it still has many problems and we need volunteers to assist tutoring in the government schools where teachers are not well trained. 

Not only will you help the children, but you will also be providing new coaching methods and providing support to the teaching staff.


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