About us

The Eco-Reach Foundation (ER Foundation) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming for sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. It is registered with the District Office in Kathmandu as well as with the Social Welfare Council (SWC). ER Foundation aim is to operate throughout the world with networking with like-minded people, activists and volunteers. Our foundation aspires to bring changes to many aspects of the society.

We have been committed to offering better education for rural and tribal children who are suffering from poor education by voluntary teaching and improve the infrastructure. Besides, our volunteers have provided those poor or homeless children with goods they need to better their living conditions. During the process, we are touching other people’s lives with our own, delivering unconditional love and care.

We also pay close attention to environmental restoration, such as investigate and improve the growth of local plants. Environmental protection is related to everyone’s life, we want to be a pioneer and drive more people to join us!

Moreover, our foundation has been caring for farmers lived in poor communities too. We take delight in seeing them have a better life with our help in materials and maintenance, on the basis of this powerful support, they are more able to create their own happiness in their homeland.

Our organization also assists people with disabilities, our care not only includes the help of material, but also includes the delivery of warmth and encouragement towards their heart. They are on the tough road of fighting against their fate, and we are their strongest backings!

Give a helping hand to those who need it”, this is the slogan of our foundation. We are here not for our own benefits; we are here for the needs of others and wider interests. Our society is keeping moving forward, while many of the current situations are far from satisfactory, doing nothing is not an option of our life. It’s never too early to take action, and it’s never too late to take action too! Right now, Eco-Reach Foundation has already dedicated to helping children, farmers, the disabled and our environment, we hope to expand our scope of work in the future, and we sincerely welcome participation and assistance from more kind-hearted people!