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About Eco-Reach Foundation

Eco-Reach Foundation is revitalizing traditional skills and knowledge with the aid of modern green technology for the sustainability of mankind and our planet.

We aim  to seek the Eco-friendly alternatives for all human activities. So we want to build local capacity to preserve and restore  natural eco-system. We want farmers to cultivate healthy food and live healthy life. We want to eradicate the use of harmful pesticides in every farm of Nepal. We want to promote alternative biological solutions using our own traditional skills and local resources. We want to promote integrated farming system which has existed for thousands of years. In this type of farming system livestock’s, crop, forest and water resources are in close harmony to each other.  Eco-Reach aims to make such model of agriculture more commercial with value chain addition and making farmer more smarter.

Eco-Reach aims on research and development in green solutions and climate smart agriculture.

Eco-Reach Foundation’s strength lies in the networking among the stakeholders and  experts to build the local capacity and identify integrated solutions. The network is backed up by an experienced executive management team and a expert Advisory Board.


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Creating a society free from poverty and improving the living standards of people in a sustainable environmental condition.


To fight poverty and uplift the quality of life and natural environmental resources by using volunteer’s skills to support and train local communities and to conserve and balance natural riches.


Poverty is reduced with increased opportunities for poverty-stricken people to improve their lives and awareness is raised, along with sustainability of the environment.


To reduce poverty and enhance the living standards of people through quality education, awareness on the importance of natural resources, safe rehabilitation for building a risk free and to create a safe community at large .

Humans are the intrinsic part of nature. Nature has an important impact on health, economy, lifestyle, and every aspect of human life. Overpopulation and industrialization have caused severe negative impacts on our environment which have resulted in climate change, environmental problems, and irrecoverable loss in biodiversity. The fact is not new among us that these have several negative effects in human health and economy. So, it is very important to reduce the impact and it is only possible by the good human behavior and social service with the vision of clean environment. Therefore, it is necessary that every community, society, and whole nation should be competent for taking care of their environment. But this completely depends on economic social and educational status of a person. Hence, clean environment can be achieved only after imparting good education and socio-economic changes.


Nepal is developing country and majority of population lives under the poverty. Huge mass of Nepali population is represented by socially deprived, so-called lower caste (dalit), harassed and downtrodden group. In this context, only after the socio-economic improvement of majority of helpless people and their proper education natural conservation and environmental awareness can be done. Overall activities on natural conservation are only possible after economic development which is dependent on good education also. Among the most of the socially deprived people health problems and lithic disease like HIV AIDS is prevalent. So, it is very important to disseminate proper health education and campaign on HIV aids.


Agriculture is the main economic source for poor and socially back warded people in Nepal. Commercialization in agriculture is important to raise their economic level. Value addition in agricultural products and proper training can help in the economic uplift of small holder farmer. Proper education and trainings in sustainable agriculture and agro- forestry would be very helpful in environmental conservation, conservation of agro-biodiversity and economic betterment of farmers. Similarly, health education and provision of education for orphans would help to create healthy society.


So, realizing a need of an organization to help in the development of clean environment and prosperous society the constitution of Eco-Reach Foundation constitution is prepared under the NGO Act, 2034.


 Purposes of Eco Reach Foundation

 Eco-Reach Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization working in several sectors like Health, Education, Environmental conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Purposes of the Eco-Reach Foundation for conducting activities and programs under the existing laws of Nepal with the coordination of different national and international organizations are:


  • To research and development (R&D) and publication in agriculture and nature conservation
  • To help in biodiversity conservation
  • To identify, develop and promote the alternative sources of energy
  • To conduct activities in sustainable agriculture and carbon sequestration
  • To conserve and promote indigenous knowledge and practices in sustainable agriculture and nature conservation
  • To provide the environment and health education targeting to rural and downtrodden group
  • To conduct the awareness programs for anti-human trafficking targeting to poor and socially affected groups
  • To conduct the program on HIV AIDS awareness and run campaign for identification
  • To help to educate poor and socially backward people
  • To provide housing and education for orphans

Eco-reach Foundation is a social non-governmental organization registered under the NGO act 2034, established by Niraj Phuyal in 2014 with a vision of creating a society free from poverty, enhancing the living standards of people. A mission practiced by using volunteer’s skills to support local communities with a goal to reduce disadvantaged people to improve their lives in a sustainable environment, raising awareness within the communities at large.


ERF is committed to make a difference in the life of disadvantaged groups of people in a healthy environment. ERF is a community-focused and victim-friendly organization, committed to support, develop, and empower poverty-stricken and disadvantaged groups of people. Our programs provide people with an education in a safe and supportive environment where they can confidently share their views to bring about an enduring impact not only in their personal life but also in their community.