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Alas! The winter – Eco Reach Foundation


In this cold chill of winter, the people living in the slums of Manohara River have nowhere to sleep, no food to eat and no clothes to wear. I would say that the blockade of daily commodities from India has not much impact on their life as much as ours, literally. Their plight is increasing every day, not to mention the life after the tremendous earthquake hit. We all probably are well informed about the life in slums. Eco reach foundation has been able to be in touch with those peoples. It has been able to help with the food and clothes, books and stationery for the children. It has been able to help 35 families here. You would be filled with tears if you could just see the light and smile on the faces of the children and their parents, after getting the commodities.

The kids here are almost all malnourished, why would they not be? Their parents are not literate and they end up doing low earning wages. The effect of blockade has created economic crisis and inflation in the country. To be more realistic, a sum of thousand rupees does not worth much these days, the wages are far more below than the rupees. This is not the case of single family. Almost every family here, has the same conditions. Poverty is present everywhere, this just might be a case which might be similar to any poor family which could be anywhere on the planet. They can never get better life unless provided with opportunities and helped. The slum has been here for more than a decade.

It is such a pain to see the children sleeping below a tent. Not a tent which we use for camping. It is not a tent at all. It is a big piece of plastic material supported by cords or bamboos. This tent would be of no problem if winter was not arriving. Even, summer is also not good as how we think. Not to mention about the smell of the polluted river, mosquitoes and flies. This winter all of the people here are worried, how do we survive? The firewood which were of not much important before, is costing now. Life is indeed hard here. Apparently, eco reach foundation started the good work. It has been helping for the children to get good education. This will at least help educating the children and in long term the whole area would be literate. Eco Reach foundation has been able to touch the lives of the people here, they see it as a new hope. It has been able to help 35 families at least, there are approximately more than 200 families in this area. Any people or NGO/INGO or any institution who would like to volunteer and help would be most appreciated. It is already time that we do something for the humanity.

You would obviously wonder, how a baby could sleep so peacefully under the tent in the cold morning when everything is covered in the frost. The photos here speak more than words can write. The body of the children are very rough, due to the winter, they do not have and cannot afford to buy Vaseline or body moisturizer. It is the little things we have to do to help the people. Eco Reach foundation has been able to shine their light in the slum area. Despite of being a new organization, it has started taking responsibilities in short span of time. We can accomplish a lot of things when we unite and do things for humanity. The good work takes time to pick the pace but will surely be a fruitful one.