Goals of Ecoreach

Ecoreach Foundation is a volunteer based organization uniquely dedicated to Nepal.  Our mission is to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people by using volunteers skills to support local communities. Our main goals are:

  • Work alongside volunteers to support disadvantaged local communities.
  • Enable visitors to Nepal to participate in voluntary activities that fit with their skills and timelines.
  • Provide opportunities for foreign travelers to enjoy local culture and traditions, whilst giving something positive back to the community.
  • Support the local economy through responsible travel.
  • Assist volunteers in learning new skills whilst also giving them a voice to help shape our Ecoreach Foundation.
  • Provide volunteers with an affordable experience with the guarantee that part of their fee goes straight back to the community.

I volunteered for Ecoreach for one week in October, and although I happened to be there for the week of Tihar, and didn’t actually end up doing much volunteering because of the holiday, it was still one of the best weeks I’ve ever had whilst travelling!

Christina Spring

Environmental Scientist at Jacobs Engineering Group

I had the pleasure of working with Ecoreach recently. It was really great to see Rajani, Madan and the entire team. The work they do is incredible.

Flora Snyder

United States

 I am from the Australia and volunteered on Ecoreach Foundation for 2 weeks in total. I highly recommend volunteering with Ecoreach, as I had a very positive experience and plan to continue volunteering with Ecoreach remotely going forward.

Olivia Lindberg


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