Our Mission

"To Raise every Human being to the peak of their potential, so that they are exuberant, all-inclusive, and in harmony within themselves and the world"



Creating a society free from poverty and improving the living standards of people in a sustainable environmental condition.


To fight poverty and uplift the quality of life and natural environmental resources by using volunteer’s skills to support and train local communities and to conserve and balance natural riches.


Poverty is reduced with increased opportunities for poverty-stricken people to improve their lives and awareness israised, along with sustainability of the environment.


To reduce poverty and enhance the living standards of people through quality education, awareness on the importance of natural resources, safe rehabilitation for building a risk free and to create a safe community at large


 Eco-reach Foundation is a social non-governmental organization registered under the NGO act 2034, established by Niraj Phuyal in 2014 with a vision of creating a society free from poverty, enhancing the living standards of people. A mission practiced by using volunteer’s skills to support local communities with a goal to reduce disadvantaged people to improve their lives in a sustainable environment, raising awarenesswithin the communities at large.


Eco- Reach Foundation "ACHIEVEMENTS"

Slum outreach activities

Eco-reach foundation has reached to more than 500 families of hardship in slum areas with provision of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, drinking water, education etc. along with sanitary awareness programs.

Community development

Awareness for skills and training provided like organic farming, handcrafting, gardening, cosmetics etc. for more than 5000 women in many different communities such as Sindupalchowk, Kavre, Nuwakot, Dhading and Kathmandu valley.

River cleanliness programs

Cleaning and sanitation activities conducted on more than 5 major rivers with awareness programs for the health benefits of clean and sanitary water resources.

Waste management and plantation

Trainings provided and waste management undertakings conducted on land and river resources along with more than 2000 plantation of trees on areas of landslide and riverbank.

Disaster relief programs

Distributedfoods and goods to victims of natural calamities like earthquake and Covid-19.

Women empowerment and child rights

Awareness provided to people focusing on deprived widowed women and orphan children.

Registration and operation

Registration and operation of a social enterprise Gooseberry Farm Pvt. Ltd(GFPL) for financial sustainability with a view to generate local income to reduce dependency on overseas funding.

Awards and nominations

Awarded and nominated by schools, colleges, universities, other organization, and local communities.

What we aim for?

Eco-Reach Foundation is revitalizing traditional agricultural and construction skills and knowledge by introducing modern green technology. We aim to seek the eco-friendly alternatives for farming, construction, and tourism. Our activities help communities to build local capacity to preserve and restore natural eco-system. We assist farmers to cultivate organic food and live eco-friendly life. Our projects help farmers to stop the use of harmful chemicals in their farms. In addition, Eco-Reach promotes conservation and utilization of local knowledge and resources.

Where we work?

Agriculture & Food Safety

According to the International Labor Organisation, agriculture provides livelihoods for 68 percent of Nepal's population, accounting for 34 percent of the GDP. Nevertheless, Nepal struggles to produce an adequate supply of food for its citizens. The Agriculture and Food Safety Project is well aligned with country's need by educating farmers about organic farming and the use of green technology.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) is underline requirement for all of our programs. The program aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Eco-Reach always prioritize GESI issues in our projects.

Natural Resources Management

Population growth and surging demand for agricultural land has put tremendous pressure on natural resources as people strive to meet their daily needs for food, shelter, and energy. Nepal is facing increasing pressure from local and international businesses to exploit natural resources in the quest for economic growth. Eco-Reach believes that such growth and conservation are not mutually exclusive. Our programs emphasize the conservation of natural resources by utilizing green energy technology and organic farming standards.

Environment & Health

Many diseases and health problems are linked to contamination in our environment. Each and every day the detrimental impact of the pollution is more and more visible. There is an urgent call for stronger anti-pollution policy. Eco-Reach believes education can lead to better environment preservation practices.

Quality of Life

The quality of life improvement project has the overall objectives to improve socio-ecological resilience of rural community from land degradation. The Eco-Reach Foundation strives to educate farmers about better utilization of farmland for self use and commercial gains.

Natural Disaster Management

Geographically, Nepal is in a constant threat of multiple natural hazards. Flood, landslide and fire are frequent occurrences. 2015 earthquake has shattered Nepal, exposing the country's complete unpreparedness for the disaster response. Due to the lack of preparation and recovery,there were many deaths recorded at various settlements. Even 3 years later,people are still struggling to rebuild their houses. Eco-Reach Foundation aim to help effectively mitigate the impact of disasters in the country. We educate communities about disaster preparedness and recovery.

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"I volunteered for Eco-Reach for one week in October, which happened to be the week of Tihar(festival of lights).My volunteering activities had to be modified, but it was still one of the best weeks of my life. I’ve ever had whilst travelling!"
Environmental Scientist at Jacobs Engineering Group